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Writing as the World Burns

by Gemma Weekes

I have been moved all my life by the impulse to create and to revel in the luminescence of things. I have been arrogant enough to believe, somehow, that my work might contribute to the age-long artistic manifesto of making humanity more human. But how do I justify this quiet work while the world burns? It feels indulgent to create at a time when the world seems to demand instead that we react.

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Mahsuda Snaith signs two-book deal with Transworld

Inscribe-supported writer Mahsuda Snaith has signed a two-book deal with publishers Transworld for its Doubleday imprint. Agent James Wills at Watson, Little sold world rights to The Constellation of Ravine and a second novel to Transworld assistant editor Lizzy Goudsmit.

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Mixed Spice: Inscribe Poetry & Fiction Weekender

Note: We are already at 50% capacity. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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Readers and Writers Group, Life-Writing with Yvonne Weekes

In our next session of the Peepal Tree/ Inscribe Readers and Writers' group you can explore and improve your memoir/life-writing with Yvonne Weekes (Peepal Tree Press author). Places are limited, make sure you get yours! Yvonne was born in London to Montserratian parents and grew up in London and Montserrat. She is the author of Volcano, a powerful and moving memoir documenting the eruption of the Soufriere volcano.

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Giving Up Everything?: Writing and the ‘M Word’

I’m about to tackle the following topic with trepidation as, eight months ago, I would no doubt have skipped over any blog or article on this subject thinking it was irrelevant to me. But this topic is relevant, not just to the people it directly affects but society at large. So what topic am I skirting around here? Answer: writing and motherhood.

Now hold on there, I sense you arching an eyebrow, but let me start from the beginning.

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Degna Stone on what the editors of The Rialto are looking for

Ever wondered what the editors of The Rialto are looking for? Well Inscribe-supported writer Degna Stone spills the beans:

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Too busy to write?

by Degna Stone

I have typed and deleted and retyped this blog post five times. I keep wondering if I have anything to say that is worth five minutes of your time. We’re all full of busy and five minutes can seem like too long when there are a dozen other things you could be doing with your precious time.

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Louisa Adjoa Parker awarded ACE grant

West Country writer Louisa Adjoa Parker has recently been awarded an Arts Council England grant for a year's artistic development. Louisa will be working with several mentors - Clio Gray, Jan Fortune and Jacob Ross - to develop her current body of work. She will be working with Clio on her first novel; Jan will be mentoring her with her second full-length poetry collection; and Jacob will be mentoring Louisa with a first short story collection and second novel.

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Readers and Writers Group, creative writing, mystery and suspense with Pete Kalu

This week's session (Saturday 14th may 4-6pm) will be a  practical writing one. Award-winning playwright, poet and novelist Pete Kalu will guide you through a creative 10 step exercise in mystery and suspense writing which will take your imagination and creativity to unexpected places as you explore the fear of the unknown...Here's a sneak peak at step one to get you started:

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Writing prompts for Filigree

by Kadija Sesay

The writing that poets produced in our April Filigree workshop inspired and excited me enough to share the ideas that emerged with you! Consider these a last-minute guide to writing a poem for our forthcoming Filigree anthology.

We looked at the word 'filigree' from three angles: filigree as image, filigree as character, and filigree turned on its head and inside out.

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