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Praise for Inscribe

by Jocelyn Watson

As a BAME woman who has come to writing later in my life, I want to stress how invaluable and key the support I received from Inscribe has been. Having access to Inscribe has meant that I have been able to attend many workshops and events, where I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from other BAME writers and to develop my craft. Most recently Inscribe has supported and assisted me in obtaining an Arts Council Grant which means that I can fulfil a lifelong ambition to write a novel and to hopefully see it published in my lifetime.

The journey begins at the start of next year. I will go to the British Library on Wednesday 4 January 2017 at 9.30am and stay until 5.30 - which I’ll endeavour to do for four days a week. On the fifth day I will continue volunteering at the Migrant Support Centre in Haringay - as the racism and bigotry that dominates British and indeed global politics means that many, many people are urgently in need of support.

I write because I think literature provides a more accessible way to understand the complexities of our lives and to appreciate compassion, decency and dignity in action, all of which I hope will find an echo in The Siren Songs - the novel I will write.

I genuinely am very grateful for all the help and support the Kadija and Dorothea have given me. Having access to Inscribe has been instrumental in helping me on my writing journey. It is thanks to both Dorothy and Kadija, and their commitment and unending energy, that Inscribe has remained such a creative, positive, ongoing force for those of us who make use of its support and who, through Inscribe's activities, are able to learn so much.

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